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Cool Nokia N9 Apps: Colorss Google Reader

I recently found probably the most functional and best looking RSS app for the Nokia N9 on the Nokia Store. The app is called “Colorss” as in Color-RSS. The app is a rich RSS reader for the Nokia N9. The nice thing about this app is it brings some custom categories such as “Business,” or “Fashion” that show you relevant articles about a specific topic. The most useful feature, though, is you can add your own Google Reader feed by just signing in through the app.

The layout of the app is beautiful. The UI is clean and fast, and you even have some nice options such as font type and size. You can also add your Twitter and Facebook accounts, although I couldn’t get them to work for some reason. It’s anyway a cool app to have if you like reading your favorite blogs in your spare time. Grab it here: Colorss, or just search for “Colorss” in your N9’s store.

  • http://thesurfernerd.tumblr.com/ Gianfranco

    I can’t find anything, a page of the app, or the developers.. I think it’s one of the best apps I’ve ever seen on mobile.. a bit clunky but awesome never the less!!

    • http://nokiamobileblog.com/ Edward U.

      Yeah, I still can’t get Twitter or Facebook to work. Don’t even know what they are supposed to do.

  • kaizenredbull

    According to the Nokia Store, the developer is Dia Diem, website is diadiem.com

  • CuongHuynh

    Oh, I tried to use this app on my android phone (download via samsungapp). It’s really cool. Like It!