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Cool N97 App: Metal Detector Actually Works!

Here is an app that demonstrates why mobile phones will be the swiss knife of the future; why the future is headed to the mobile sector.

When I found this app on the Ovi Store I thought it was some kind of joke like the smell scanner which is actually a fake ”joke” app. But the metal detector app for the Nokia N97 actually works! It is really amazing (and free). I downloaded the app and tried it on several metal things, it got every single one right! For example, this box of Altoids:

I think the app uses the built in compass from the Nokia N97 to detect nearby metals. I had to wave the phone in ”8” before using it for quite a while, but c’mon, this is just too cool to have on a phone. So actual usability? Well, maybe if you are the bodyguard from The Godfather lives depend on this app! Get it here: Ovi Store

  • Mat

    It actually works! Yes.
    and it’s very probable that it uses the compass. but hey! who thought of that!

    I am seriously amazed!

  • Nicky

    No download link?:( sad.

    It looks like it`s a very funy app!

  • sardar112


  • Dr Mohamed_93

    very goooooooooooooooooooooood