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Confirmed! N8 Will Come With New, Redesigned Ovi Store

Update: seems like the new Ovi Store is still coded in WRT, lets see how that will work… Well, at least it passed as a Qt app for a couple of days!

I knew the Ovi Store was a fail as soon as I opened it. A catalog, which is basically what Ovi Store is, that is *really* annoying to browse. But it wasn’t only that, the apps that were offered through it were just…ok. Very fortunately, Nokia has realized that the current Ovi Store is complete crap, and it is, how stupid can the search function be in the current Ovi Store, what about Categories or Channels? Just scrolling through the apps is annoying!

All this is about to change. Nokia now has a kick-ass Ovi Store coded in Qt, and it has everything that a right App Catalog has to offer. The whole thing was redesigned, and finally App-Updates are supported! That means that the Store is constantly checking if you have all the latest content, if not, you can update to the new version. The new Ovi Store will come out of the box in the Nokia N8, and hopefully in every single device that Nokia announces from now on. The whole experience is now better, there are easy-to-navigate categories, so exploring the Ovi Store should now be much easier. The speed was also greatly improved since this is not a WRT app, but a powerful Qt app.

This are great news! The new Ovi Store, plus the new web browser that the N8 will feature can really make the N8 a winner device. The N8 has already impressive hardware at a great price, now Nokia needs to keep improving the software, and they are doing it very well so far. We are eagerly waiting for the N8!

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