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Comparison: Nokia E71 and Nokia E63 meet the Blackberry 9000 Bold

Candy-bar QWERTY mobile phones have become very popular lately, and without doubt Blackberry  is the king of the Candy-Bar QWERTY form factor; here in the USA the Nokia E63 and E71 are  ”Blackberry” for all the people, and I don’t blame them, Blackberry is more unless the creator of this form factor. The best offering in the segment from RIM is the Blackberry 9000 Bold and from the Finish expert is the award winning Nokia E71. So what happens when the best from each company is compared? Will Blackberry dominate on his territory? Here is the Nokia E71 vs Blackberry Bold comparison, with a little of E63 too!


Both smartphones are aimed at the enterprise segment, and wisely Nokia did not implement the average Nseries quality on the E71; the phone is all metal with a slim and solid body,  definitively ten out ten when build quality is concerned. The Blackberry Bold is also well built, the device has a very nice back leather-y finish and feels solid as the E71. The only metal part of the Bold lays around the front part and the rest is plastic, above-average quality plastic.  What is most amazing is that although the share form factor, they have a totally different presence; the Bold is so wide it almost looks like a square and the E71 is small it looks just the correct size, the Bold looks too big and bulky not to mention thick.

Trackball or D-Pad?

The Bold has a trackball, the E71 a D-Pad. Which one is more comfortable and convenient for the user? It is a very  personal decision, and its hard to decide but I go for the trackball. It is because the trackball opens more the way to use and control the device, it also more intuitive and makes web browsing more easy and fun. However I don’t give much importance to this, I can easily use both without any problems.

Camera and Screen.

Here there is a very interesting fight, the Bold has a 2 Megapixels camera and the E71 a 3.2 AF camera, there is no doubt; the Nokia E71 wins over the Bold in the camera. But the screen?  More pixels in the screen are better, and the Bold has more pixels in its screen than the E71 has in its screen by far, and same goes with the screen size because the E71’s screen is 0.42” inches smaller than the screen on the Bold. All this makes the screen on the E71 look ridiculous, simple, to small and without the definition that the Blackberry Bold can deliver. The difference is more than obvious, just by comparing a picture or a video in the Bold’s and E71’s screen one can easily say that the Bold is by far a more impressive device.


The Bold runs the Blackberry OS 4.5 and the E71 S60 3 rd Ed with added features. The Bold runs @624MHz and the E71 runs @369MHz, the RAM is exactly the same. Both smartphones run smoothly and even though the CPU is better on the Bold, the E71 runs better, much better.  The E71 has a complete and mature OS that has almost a complete absence of lag and rarely crashes; the Blackberry Bold has a more ”in-mature” software that make the device a little laggy and crash now and then.

The capabilities of both devices are almost identical, there are plenty of applications for each platform and both have the same reach, that’s why in the software part of this review all comes to the stability and reliability of the OS which is far better on the E71; the Bold just had too much hassle when first launched, many carriers had to drop it for a little while.

So which device is better? A really tough question, I like the E71 because is fast and  reliable, but the Bold has better hardware and the screen is totally mind blowing; on the other hand the Bold is too big and the E71 has just the correct size. Which one do I prefer?  The E71 by a nose.

  • http://www.flashgsm.ro Dan (Mobile) Alfons

    Although all this makes sense, nobody mentioned the new Google Android phone yet…

    • edward

      Hi! Just keep checking, I got my hands on the G1 and will probably compare it with the E71.

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  • kmoon

    the issues are for me battery life (e71 beats all)and ability to sync contacts and calendar easily!
    If a device is hard to use with google, there goes a whole market.Also, Nokia doesn’t appear to care about mac compatibility. The interface of the e71 was just too hard to use, I returned it. It wasn’t even obvious how to make a voice call right off the bat.
    Most customers want it much simpler and user friendly than it is.We don’t want hurdles and bugs and 3rd party apps up the wazoo.Look to the G1 for the functionality to beat.

    • edward

      Nokia is working on MAC compatibility, I now have maps and sync and works perfectly. The E71 IS a little bit hard to use but after 1 month of use you get used to it (if my dad could do it, anyone can). But yeah, I do recognize that touch screen phones are more fun, we are about to get the 5800 so stay tuned!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WV35AGXLL4CYM6JJT7PKQWUWTQ Nor haseena

    how much ya?