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CBD Technology On New Nokia Devices vs. SuperAMOLED

I always believed that the screen is the most important feature of a decent smartphone, and that is why I really like to use large displays with at least 3.7″. The only Nokia to offer that so far is the Nokia E7 which has the magical 4″ (since 4.3″ is way too much). Nokia, however, ┬ádid not only make it an AMOLED screen, but a CBD AMOLED display which reminds me of the SuperAMOLED display from Samsung. CBD stands for Clear Black Display, this technology is supposed to cancel the light that goes into the screen, making the reflections vanish and therefore offering a better image.┬áHere are some shots comparing the AMOLED CBD screen on the C6 and the SAMOLED screen on the Galaxy S.

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  • http://www.oled.at Erich STrasser

    Hi! Great Pictures! I link to your website, for your info the Nokia ClearBlack technology delivers also Samsung Mobile Display. For us its clear its Super-Amoled or Amoled-Plus.


  • Mymail

    So CBD for “cheap” C6 ( and C7?), but not for expencive N8, right…

    • edumana

      You don't get it for the N8, but the E7 has it. It's a new thing, that wasn't available when the N8 was announced.

  • Fradget

    It's great that the new technology is better than Super Amoled. Nokia should have been shouting it from the rof the way Steve Jobs exagerates things. I'm torn between the N8 and the E-7 as an upgrade.

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