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Black Nokia E71 for ATT – Feature Pack 2

The black Nokia E71 (Nokia E71x) for ATT has been around for quite a while in leaked specification sheets and pics, but we all thought that it was never going to happen; a powerful Nokia S60 device on a North American carrier! It just seemed impossible since Nokia and U.S.A appear not to be friends at all. But according to BGR, the magic date for the first release of a powerful Nokia S60 phone since the Nokia N75 on AT&T, will be March 24th and will be the E71x.


The E71x will be a special version of the E71 NAM and will add feature pack 2 which is more newer and advanced than the feature pack 1 on the regular E71. The E71x for ATT will also have the ATT GPS system and its likely that users will have to pay the $10 a month for the nav service. The E71x will supposedly launch the 24th of March (in just 4 days) for a price of $199.99

  • Kabir

    I have nokia E71. I have installed Nokia Email. I can rcv email . but can not send or reply.
    Pls advise. Thanks, Kabir