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Best Twitter App For Nokia N900 and Maemo: TweeGo

There really isn’t a good Twitter app for the Nokia N900, the best Twitter experience one can get on the N900 is using a web-app, but as long as native clients concerns, nothing is usable. But that is about to change! There is a new Twitter client for the N900 called ”TweeGo.” TweeGo is still in Alpha and is lacking important functionality, however, the client is so beautiful, well done and designed that is a joy to use. TweeGo is definitively the best Twitter app for the N900. TweeGo has an amazing UI and transitions, it is really friendly and easy to use.

As I said before, TweeGo is not ready for prime time. The Twitter client still needs work before it can offer full functionality. However, you can install TweeGo on your N900, it is usable and pretty stable. Installing is a bit difficult though. Just follow the instructions: Instructions