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Benchmarked: Nokia N8 vs. iPhone 3GS vs. Omnia HD vs. iPad

It is always interesting to compare devices and see which one comes up with the best results. And although the Nokia N8 already got compared with the Nokia N97, here is yet another comparison, only this time against more ”worthy” competitors such as the iPhone 3GS, Omnia HD, and the iPad.

This time the comparison is a little bit more detailed and compares the GPU and CPU, meaning the processing power and the graphics power of the devices. Take a look at the graph:

The Nokia N8 is clearly the winner! If you take a look at the GPU (graphing processing) results, the Nokia N8 just takes over the competition without a problem, the iPad and iPhone 3GS are way behind the Nokia N8 in the graphic department, the numbers just demonstrate it. The CPU results, however, didn’t overtake the rest as much as the GPU, but the N8 is still proved to be a strong competitor. Lets also remember that the N8 has a 680mhz processor, which is not as powerful as Snapdragon and others but will assure a longer battery life, so one thing for the other. The last phase of the comparison showed how many triangles can each device push, and again, the N8 just smashed the competition and this time by a wide margin.

The N8 looks like a really powerful device, I mean, those numbers are just amazing in a Nokia device since Nokia hasn’t worried about processing power or graphing power in the last couple of devices. Now Nokia has to work towards delivering the N8 sooner than what the rumors are saying!

Thanks to @Camb078 from N97 Blog France for the image!

  • http://twitter.com/ovijade Jade Bryan Jardinico

    The GPU performance was excellent, hope we can compare it to N82 soon.

  • Surge

    The benchmark program you’re using is only benching open GL ES 1.0 and 1.0 — what about 2.0?

  • surge

    also one more though — having a fast GPU is great, but why they skimped on the cpu is beyond me…it will definitely help out the video capture and HDMI \ playback — but does anyone know of any symbian games that actually USE opengl es 1\2? Last time I checked most of the apps in general for Symbian are written for S60v3 (despite Symbian^1 having had dev tools for almost 2 years now), and most of the games are all java ports. I don’t see any games that even compare to what the iphone OS has to offer — maybe the N8 will change that but Nokia really needs to get some more developers on board.

    • Ed

      I don’t know of any games that use it, however, I was expecting Qt to change that. The N8 is the first Symbian device with QT built in, so I am sure there will be new exciting apps for it, the capacitive screen will also help… I think the nokia n8 will be a very popular device, even tough Symbian^3 isn’t revolutionary, the specs of the phone and maturity+improvements in Symbian^3 will make the difference. CPU is because of battery life, and price! I mean, the N8 is unbelievably cheap.

  • Doğan

    Hope someone compare it htc droid incredible and n900 i’m wondering their benchmarks

  • Phil

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the N8 was upgradeable to Symbian^4. Possibly not “supported” by Nokia, but I’d be surprised if it’s not possible.

  • srgess

    Why would u compare the lastest Nokia Phone against old phone. Compare it to Samsung Galaxy Si9000 or iphone 4 at least.

    • Ed

      I think those phones were not out yet by the time I wrote this post

      • Rec

        Galaxy S and iPhone 4 is out before iPad!

  • Caca

    Are you blind , it got it’s ass kicked in every test by one of the other contenders , and what was that : the n8 smashed the competition in the triangle test, again are you blind it got it’s ass kicked by both the old 3GS and iPad , you must be so stupid and ignorant it would be a waste of time trying to make see the truth

  • http://www.bestusedsamsung.com michael04

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