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Become a Nokia S60 Ambassador and Get Benefits!

Nokia is a company that knows how to integrate the user with the brand, Nokia generally runs special programs no other manufacturer runs and offers competitions as no other manufacturer can. But among all the Nokia competitions and programs the best of all is the S60 Ambassadors program. The S60 Ambassadors program is a program that lets the user submit stories about how they share and talk about S60 devices. For example if you frequently talk about how your device can do marvels to family and friends then S60 Ambassadors is the correct place for you, and the best part is that they reward you for talking about S60!! I have gotten a Nokia E71, a Nokia N82, t-shirts

Here is how it works: You first sign up, then you choose a campaign and you submit reports on how you talk with your friends and family about S60. Each report gets points and the ambassador with more points wins free stuff, for example take a look what I have gotten for FREE!

S60 Welcome Kit

The N95 and E62 are mine, the E71 and N82 I got from S60 Ambassadors

Each time you sign up for a campaign you get a kit, I have participated on 3 campaigns so I have gotten 3 kits, here is the latest one. They often include: A S60 T-Shirt, 2 S60 Notebooks, 2 S60 Pens, Many S60 Stickers, S60 USB Flash Drive, S60 USB 1 to 4 Adapter, 1 thing to clean your device.

Anyway, on top of the kit during the campaign there are ”Report of  the Week”. If you win the report of the week, the S60 Team will send you a Nokia E71 or Nokia N82 for a loaning period of 2 months!!!  I got the N82 for the first time and then I got the E71 the second time, check my winning report of the week that got me a E71:  http://blogs.s60.com/2008/10/maps-20-report-of-the-week-ii

But you won’t believe me that there is even more of it!  At the end of the campaign the 10 ambassadors with more reports and points achieved, get a prize, on the first campaigns the prizes were Bluetooth Keyboards and Bluetooth speakers and headsets, on the last campaign I got 1 YEAR of free Nokia Maps Navigation and a city guide of my choice!

As you can see Nokia is very generous and creates this cool programs for the users, I personally enjoyed the program very much  and  I will continue enjoying it as there are more campaigns coming. If you want to become an S60 Ambassador just follow this link and SIGN UP!