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AT&T’s Lumia 900, March 18th, $99usd on Contract

Now, this is revolutionary, and probably as good news as the Lumia 900 itself. If true, this could shake the U.S smartphone market and turn everything upside down.

BGR got AT&T’s roadmap for the first couple of months of 2012. According to this roadmap, and following previously rumored dates, the Lumia 900 will be released in the U.S this coming 18th of March. But it doesn’t stop here, the Lumia 900 will go on sale for just $99usd on a two year contract!! That is half of what the iPhone 4S and every other high-end Android smartphone cost on a two year contract with AT&T. If the Lumia 900 goes on sale at this price, it could be a serious threat for the not-so-aestetically-pleasing Android phones out there, and possibly the iPhone. Hopefully Nokia can pull this off soon enough.