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Ask Ziggy is like Siri for Windows Phone, But not There Yet

I was reading on Engadget about Ask Ziggy, which is like a Siri app for Windows Phone. Well, I have tried it for the last hour or so and I can’t recommend it to anyone. It is a step in the right direction though, I think there’s a place for a Siri competitor on Windows Phone. I currently send text messages using the built-in TellMe feature in Windows Phone, it’s very handy when I don’t feel like looking up a contact and texting. Anyway, here are some screenshot from Ask Ziggy; look at the weird and irrelevant responses.

Don’t know what all this means.

It’s Sofia…

I am not in Ohio, in fact, far from it.

Everytime you ask something difficult, Ziggy just does a Bing search for you.

That’s true, but not what I asked for!

Ziggy does generally understand what you are saying, but after that, you will likely receive some random or irrelevant response. I don’t want to be though because this is an excellent attempt from the developer who created it, in fact, a very impressive attempt, but I will have to uninstall this app from my lumia 800.

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    Wait for the update. The newer version is the one that was tested on Engadget and WPCentral