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Angry Birds for Symbian^3 Hits The Ovi Store!

Angry Birds was first available for the Nokia N900, but later, as Nokia pushed Qt forward, Angry Birds was ported to Symbian^3. These are really great news for Nokia, not only because more Nokia users can now enjoy one of the best mobile games ever, but because Qt is really encouraging developers to create apps since they can serve a wide range of platforms with minor changes in code. Nice strategy Nokia!

Anyway, Angry Birds is now at the Ovi Store! There is a “Lite” version that will let you play the game on your N8, E7, C6, or C7 (if you are a lucky person with one of those) for free. Of course, you will get addicted to the game like everyone else and end up buying it. Here is the link to Angry Birds at the Ovi Store, make sure to check it out: Ovi Store