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An Invitation Arrives From Nokia! Will It Be a New Device?

Nokia has been really quiet the last couple of months; no major device has been announced. However, there has been multiple leaks pointing to cool devices like the N8 with Symbian^3 and N9 with MeeGo; much awaited devices since Nokia doesn’t have anything to compete with in the market right now. Anyway, today I got another invitation for a virtual event; where hopefully, Nokia will announce something worth talking about. The Invitation just says ”Everyone Connect.” Which really sounds like a service rather than a new device.

The rumors on the web point to a new service, which Nokia will provide with upcoming smartphones, but it could be a device too, or at least something very important since they took the time to print out cool invitation cards like the one pictured above -which for some reason they want me to hold on, why would it be?-  As it is an online event, you can go ahead and check it out at events.nokia.com. Lets wait and see!