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American Airlines Will Offer WI-FI On 300 Planes

For those who fly often, or once in a while, this are definitively good news. American Airlines has been testing WI-FI for now a while in flights between the JFK and other 3 airports, but today they decided to implement it on 300 planes of their total fleet of 616 planes and will eventually extend to all the fleet on 2011.  Basically you can connect and browse internet as you would normally do, just that you are on a plane and that is totally amazing, you can now connect your Nokia phone to the airplane’s network and email, browse internet, make Skype calls and of course all you normally do with an internet connection 30,000 feet above the ground. Seems that today there is absolutely no place where we can’t be connected to the internet, we might be reaching a ”connection nirvana” where we can be connected anywhere  no matter what. Anyway, the American Airlines service will be called ”gogo” and will cost 8us for mobile phones and 13us for laptops.

Via: Dallas News