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Windows Phone is now Developer Unlocked for Everyone

This is a completely unprecedented and amazing piece of news that just developed: Windows Phone is now developer unlocked for everyone… who can pay 9 bucks (USD). Don’t misunderstand my sarcasm in the last sentence, this opportunity is very cool because it gives everyone full control over their Nokia Windows Phone device, but it comes at a cost that you wouldn’t have to pay if we were talking about MeeGo or even iOS.

The guys from Chevron Labs have developed a tool with Microsoft’s support that allows everyone to unlock their Windows Phone; that means you will be able to install non-market apps. This is useful if you are a power-user, or a programer who wants to experiment a little bit. This tool opens a world of opportunities, such as installing an app to change the color of your tiles, or even running a server from your Windows Phone–if you have coding skills, the possibilities are endless. The best part is that this is a totally “legal” thing to do: it will not void your warranty, and Microsoft is totally OK with it.

The tool is available for use right now at: http://labs.chevronwp7.com/