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After Years of Waiting, Nokia Ad Finally Hits U.S National TV

This is a special moment for Nokia fans in the U.S, we have never before seen Nokia ads hitting the airwaves on national TV. It’s always been Apple ads, Motorola ads, even Windows Phone ads, but no Nokia ads. I always wondered why Nokia seemed to be the only company that didn’t advertise and market their products, it’s like they seemed not to understand the power behind 30 seconds during popular shows such as SNL and Modern Family, when Apple ads start popping up all over the place.

They get it now, Elop is really getting Nokia back on track. Lumia 900, Windows Phone, American market re-conquring (aka Rolling Thunder) is all under his purview. But, does Nokia get that they want/need to be different? The Lumia 900 ad is the typical carrier ad featuring some clever (read cheesy) situation; it’s not entirely wrong, but there’s so much more Nokia could be going for…

Nokia’s image in the U.S should be that of a high-quality, world leader, Finnish, manufacturer (bet half the U.S customer base doesn’t know this). Maybe the ads should focus more on design, craftsmanship, quality, and passion, elements that have distinguished Nokia for years. They should be unique, not inspire the idea guys need a Lumia 900 to pick up women. It seems to me AT&T is hiding the real Nokia: the upper right-hand logo, the “meh” box, and now this…

  • GreatLakesdan

    I don’t think Nokia is complaining because as you say, this is the first time we have seen Nokia ads in the U.S. in years and years.  Amazingly, it’s carrier ads.  There is a report the Nokia is trying to build 900’s as fast as they can.