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About Nokia Mobile Blog

Welcome to NMB! My name is Edward Umana, I started Nokia Mobile Blog a few years ago, you can follow me on Twitter @mobile_ed. Nokia Mobile Blog is an unofficial Nokia blog that covers pretty much anything that is worth discussing about the Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia. NMB is based in the U.S.A.

About Ed:

Eduardo and Stephen Elop, Nokia’s CEO 

Nokia Mobile Blog was started out of my passion for Nokia smartphones. My first smartphone was the Nokia 9300 Communicator, which I got when I was 13. The idea of having an all-in-one device mesmerized me–I was constantly looking what new and upcoming phone would have more features that would allow me to accomplish more. From there and on, all the phones that “had more” were Nokia smartphones: I had the N93 after the 9300, then I got the N95. After that I returned to the Communicator series when I was around 15 with the beautiful E90, and then I got the N95 8GB to replace the E90. After that, the N85 came along and I decided it was time to open up a blog. It took me months of trial and error to build one, but coming up with a name and logo proved even more difficult. This blog has had three different URLs and designs since I first started; I couldn’t make up my mind! Even though NMB was (and is) pretty time consuming, I’ve had a good ride. I have tried, owned, or at least played with practically every high-end Nokia smartphone out there. My passion for Nokia keeps burning strong as ever; I hope I reflect that and you can benefit from it through following this blog.

If you have a comment or suggestion just use the links on the sidebar to send me an email. Welcome once again!