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ABBYY FotoTranslate: Translate With Your Nokia Phone By Just Pointing Your Camera

Here is an amazing application that really shows the power of Nokia smartphones: ABBYY FotoTranslate. Remember some years ago when Nokia showed an app that could translate between languages by just pointing your phone to an unknown word? It looked impossible by then, but I just discovered that it is available right now for touchscreen smartphones like the N97 Mini, X6 and 5800. The name of the app is ABBYY FotoTranslate. The app will translate between two languages by just pointing your Nokia phone to the unknown word. The bad part, is that ABBYY FotoTranslate is not free, it is $8us for a ”single-direction translation.” I know that the price might seem a bit high, but the app is really well coded and works flawlessly. I tried the German-English version of the app and was really accurate with the translation.

This is a really cool app when you are traveling, the good part about ABBYY is that it doesn’t use the internet, so you will be able to avoid roaming when on a trip. The app is just perfect for that word you don’t understand in the metro, or menu at the restaurant. You can check ABBYY FotoTranslate here: ABBYY FotoTranslate